Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gardening and a nightgown

And I have no idea why that line is underlined and purple on my screen.  But anyway, back to the plants.  Lydia and I have planted some things in pots on the deck and in the sunroom.  Our radish seeds have sprouted:

 And the mint from last year is back:
 As are our chives from last year.  Actually, they are already about to bloom.  I've used fresh chives several times already this spring in the kitchen, mostly in making my ranch dip.
And lastly, I have a few field pea plants growing:

We've also harvested a few small carrots from the sunroom.  They are so sweet and delicious.  We've got some tomato plant seedlings, as well as brussel sprouts and broccoli.  Outside, the lemon balm and oregano (which are both permanently planted in the ground) are going nuts.  And some cilantro is coming back, too, as is one of the sage plants.  So we have lots of fresh herbs popping up.  We also had a little leaf lettuce, which we ate in a salad Monday.  Oh, and we have a few green strawberries!  We can't wait to see those ripen.
In the house, I finished a little project Lydia's been asking for:

We bought this purple silky fabric on clearance a while back, and Lydia has been wanting a purple nightgown, so I finally got around to finishing it. She loves it!  I think it would make a really good dress-up costume, too. 

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