Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pepper Comparisons

Here are 3 peppers I grow, and an orange one we bought from June.  From the top, a sheepnose pimento, a garden sunshine bell, and a sweet chocolate.  The marker is there for scale, and because we always seem to have markers lying around.  The pimentos are fabulous for fresh eating.  I haven't actually tried the chocolate one yet.  The garden sunshines work well in salsa and fajitas.

Below are my Bulgarian peppers.  As you can see, they are starting to turn red!

I have 5 or 6 plants of these.  I can't wait to try these.  

Today, I'm canning salsa.  Although I'm getting enough tomatoes now from my garden to eat, I still don't have enough to can, so we bought canning tomatoes from June for $1 a pound.  A great deal for organic tomatoes!  I'm making the Ball Salsa today, since I have plenty of fresh peppers, and we bought onions at the farmer's market as well.  Yum!

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