Monday, August 18, 2014


I'm glad I grew lots of peppers this year.  We are starting to get red ones now:

They are tasty and beautiful.  The Bulgarian peppers aren't red yet, but they are huge and healthy.  Tomatoes are stating to turn red, but not very many.  They are still waiting for the heat, and I think this week will make the tomatoes happy in that regard.  Maybe I'll get to can some salsa next weekend.  I did have enough tomatoes last week to make a small batch of fresh salsa, which I devoured.  I even had enough cilantro left for it, before it all bolted.

In adoption news, we got our homestudy update!  Now I send it off to USCIS to get our approval to adopt internationally extended for another year.  We are very happy and relieved to have those papers ready for filing so our paperwork remains up-to-date.

And I have to leave you with a cutie picture:

We had a busy but great weekend visiting family and a whirlwind of wedding shower and birthdays to celebrate.  This little man had an ear infection and a cold, but he really is a trouper and stayed happy for us to love on him. 

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