Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting Ready

We've been getting ready for our little guy.  I finished his spring/Easter shirt! I plan on making coordinating ones for Nathaniel, Elijah, and Malachi.  And now Lydia wants a dress, too, (naturally), so I probably should get sewing. 

We've been sorting through the things we have for Gyunay, and I was planning on buying him some things this week, but now that plan has changed.  Our church is throwing us a shower next weekend, so I won't buy anything else until after that.  It was a surprise, as we weren't expecting anything like that, but it is most appreciated. 

On the house, we are moving along.  Nathaniel plans to install the rest of the counter tops this weekend, if all goes well.  I've been making great progress on the family room in the basement, too.   I also got all of the Christmas decorations down, except for the stockings, which we won't take down until after Gyunay gets to dump his out. 

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