Friday, January 2, 2015

Projects Galore

Happy New Year's, all!  I've been out of touch mostly since Christmas, but Nathaniel got me a new computer and now I'm up and running again.  And we are busy, busy here with projects, like this one:
Now, in this picture, the tile is not yet grouted, but you can see our new butcher block counter top and glass tile backsplash.  Also, my new butcher block cutting board is sitting on top, as is my great-grandmother's bread bowl (which I use every time I make fresh bread).  Nathaniel installed this counter and tile, but the rest will wait about a week, as I am currently treating them with tung oil. 
The other project we have going on is the new "lego room" downstairs.  We cleaned out the closet under the stairs and have turned it into the boys' lego room.  They are busy transferring the legos now.  They would like to paint the walls, which is fine by me, but we're not doing that just yet.  No pictures of the basement yet; it's still a disaster.
I do, however, have one cutie Christmas picture:

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  1. So glad you got a new computer! The counter top looks great!