Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June Gardening Review

I took this lovely picture of my hydrangea last week.  It has even more blooms now, and all are a purplish/pink mix.  I am so happy that it bloomed this year.

Gardening has been slow so far.  The extremely wet spring kept the plants small for far too long, but I am getting a lot more growth now.  Very few things were harvested in June, mostly herbs and carrots.  One bright spot was the garlic:

I harvested 6 bulbs last week, and 7 more today.  I still have 3 in a shadier area, and it will probably be two weeks before I dig those up.  But overall, the garlic was super easy to grow, and it was successful.  

I did harvest some kale, 1 kholrabi, a bit of lettuce, some arugula, and a few radishes as well.  So June was disappointing, but not a total loss.  July is already shaping up to be a good month.  The beans look great.  The zucchini and cucumbers have blooms, and the red cabbage could be harvested soon.  I still have a bit of kale to harvest.  As for the main events, the tomatoes and peppers, that will be a while.  Usually we are happy to get our first red tomato by the 4th of July.  This year, Lydia got our first red cherry tomato on the 4th of July, but there are no big tomatoes at all yet, not even green ones.  And the other cherry tomatoes are not ready yet.  The only tomatoes I have are tiny, and the same for the peppers.  The plants look really healthy, though, so I hope we will still have a good crop, even if it is late.  The cantaloupe and pumpkin plants look good, and the potatoes do as well.  We'll see how those end up doing.  The corn was a failure; the chipmunks at it all.  We did get some blueberries, sunberries, and raspberries, but not very many.  They were delicious though, and next year we hope for more.  

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  1. The garlic had the biggest cloves I've ever seen!