Thursday, July 28, 2016

Purple Potato Surprise!

I thought we had no chance at harvesting any potatoes this year.  It's been horribly wet, and the plants looked dead, and some even looked a bit rotted.  Today, I decided to dig them up, and surprise!
Lydia helped me dig up 3.76 pounds of these purple viking potatoes.  Aren't they pretty?  So now dinner plans have changed to add potatoes 2 ways!
Also from the garden, the golden crescent beans continue to look great:

 And Lydia loved harvesting a zucchini.  We've picked 2 so far, and yesterday we made chocolate zucchini bread.  It's already gone (the whole 13" x 9" pan), which was good because Malachi made his granola bars today, and those yummy things are disappearing fast, too.

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