Monday, August 23, 2010

Paper people

Lately, Malachi has been really enjoying making paper people.  Then my nieces came to visit, and they and Elijah got into the fun, too.  You can simply cut people shapes out of construction paper, and then let them decorate as they please!  This has been an extremely popular and simple craft.  Some of our people had wiggly eyes, but when they ran out, drawing the eyes worked just fine.  Some people have yarn hair or construction paper clothes, but some are decorated only with crayons.  If you have paper in skin tones, you can use those, but if not, plain white or off-white construction paper can be colored any shade you choose.  Or, of course, you could always be creative and make very colorful people: one person was a rainbow all over!  Malachi prefers to make actual people that he knows, so today after school he asked for a "brown-skin" friend and a "skin like me" friend so he could make school buddies James and Andrew.  Very cute.  He also likes to make the clothes, so I am pictured above in my orange shirt and brown shorts.  (Yes, I am bald as a paper person!)


  1. Miles has a little boy named Malachi in his class, and he is thrilled to no end. He thinks the two Malachis are somehow in cahoots. ;)
    Yay for Malachi and his paper people. THey rock!

  2. That is cute. You know, we never had even heard of anyone else named Malachi, but in the last couple of years, we have run into a couple. The wildest was when I helped with the mission preschool's bible school this summer. A 5-year-old in the class was named Malachi - and his brother's name was Elijah!

  3. The paper people are so cute! And guess what? Gabriel has a Malachi in his kindergarten class too! He thought that was so neat!