Thursday, August 26, 2010

Salsa Beef

I canned some more salsa today.  I eat a ton of salsa, and I like making it from tomatoes I grew in my own yard.  My goal is to can enough salsa to last me until next summer.  (It is doubtful that I will make it; I really am a bit obsessed with salsa!)  Besides just eating it on anything from scrambled eggs to tortilla chips, it is really good to have on hand for an easy dinner.  My mom (who is an excellent cook) threw a jar of salsa and a beef roast into the crock pot, and wha-la: salsa beef.   Generally, I use about half a jar of salsa and a bit of water, plus I add an onion, quartered.  Just put the crock pot on low and let cook all day.  It is great shredded and topped with cheese on a whole-wheat bun.  It can also be served with rice.  Enjoy!

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