Thursday, October 7, 2010

Failed Muffins and Pumpkin Love

Well, they looked good.  I decided to make a new muffin, and I made up the recipe myself.  I was going for a strawberry chocolate muffin, but the strawberry taste didn't come through at all.  The cocoa sure did, but the muffin wasn't very sweet at all (I was counting on more sweetness from the strawberries and drastically reduced the honey I put in).  Elijah seemed to think they're ok.  They are edible, but not good.  Oh, well.  I'm debating about trying again, maybe this time just a strawberry muffin, since the taste was really lost with the cocoa, or maybe I just put in too much cocoa.  And yes, I do make an awful lot of muffins around here.   Lately, I've found myself humming "Oh do you know the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man...."
In other news, Malachi had his first field trip today.  He got to pick a pumpkin at a local farm, and he had a great time.

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