Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Long Absence

Sorry I've been strangely silent lately.  I'm keeping busy but not much seems to be going on to write about.  I have a happy fire going in the fireplace right now.  It's been pretty cool in the house, so we've started using the fireplace, and it does make the living room feel nice!
I'm thinking of taking the kids back to the apple orchard tomorrow after school.  I could use some more apples!  They've eaten most of the applesauce I made, and I still haven't made the apple-cinnamon jam.  Plus, the orchard was a lot of fun and is fairly close to us.  And I'm thinking of toying with an apple-cinnamon muffin.  Maybe an oatmeal muffin.  I'm not sure.  With this cooler weather, I do feel like baking!
I'll be back sooner this time! 


  1. An apple orchard sounds great! Did you get to go? And you'll have to let me know where there's one nearby. :)

  2. We didn't get to pick any, because I called and they were picked out! :( Maybe we will end up at Huber's. It's quite a drive from here, but they do have apples, and fall break is coming up for us. We'll see. I do love apple picking!