Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back home

Well, we were out of town for visiting family and friends, and a wedding.  We had a good trip, and now the boys are back in swim lessons again, which can only mean one thing:
more tree hugging!

I need to mention that on our trip, we went to the (lake) beach.  The kids had a blast in the sand and water.  When we got back, I hung all our wet suits on the line to dry.  In the morning, Malachi's suit had a surprise:

a cicada shell!  He was very excited and insisted that I take pictures so Nana and Pa could see, too.  (In the lower pic, the shell is actually on the table.  We put it on his shoulder so you can see it better in the other picture.)

And here is our family dolled up for the wedding:

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