Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lots of broccoli

While some things in the garden are not producing as planned (peppers) or growing slower than expected (tomatoes), the broccoli this year has done fabulously.  We've gotten more than ever before, and it all grew from seed we started in the sunroom.  I planted sage near it, because they are supposed to do well together, and sage deters cabbage worms (caterpillars).  It seems to have really helped, because last year we had tons of caterpillars all over the plants, and this year I've only seen a couple.

And as an update to our chicken plans, Nathaniel has trapped 2 raccoons.  We are planning on securing the coop this week, and cleaning it out.  After we go to an out-of-town wedding in just under 2 weeks, we plan on trying again with new chicks.  The kids are so excited, so we hope we have success this time!

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