Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Pumpkins

I have little pumpkins growing!  The heat has been intense, so the leaves of the pumpkins get pretty droopy later in the day.  I 'm trying to keep them well-watered.
And look at this:

Finally, we have tomatoes that are getting ready to ripen.  There are two orangish ones right now, and several plants look very healthy, so I'm hoping for more soon.  I just love fresh tomatoes. 
The kids picked and ate two cucumbers from the garden yesterday.  I managed to get one slice, and it was very tender and sweet.  Mmmm.  There should be more in a few days.  So all in all, the garden is doing ok.


  1. Glad yours is going better than mine! All our squash & cucumbers died and still no tomatoes! But my neighbor had tons, so I am now sharing his tomatoes with people. Gotta love my neighbors!!

  2. Your neighbors rock! I'm glad you're getting produce, even if your garden didn't work out so well.