Thursday, August 11, 2011

Penguin Problems

Penguin has a problem:
His/her beak is not supposed to be "crossed" like that.  We did some research, and evidently it's just bum genes, not much you can do.  If it continues to be able to eat and drink, it should be ok, but we may have to cull the kids' favorite bird.  Elijah commented that we should name more of the chicks, and I said "NOT YET!  Wait til we know which ones are roosters and which are going to make it!  He agreed.  We still have 23 of them (for those of you that don't know, Nathaniel had to kill Floppy). 
The rest, though, are looking pretty good:

We're pretty sure this black one is a rooster.

Our garden is coming along nicely, even if it is much later than I'd like.  We have some little cucumbers that are about ready to pick.  We just ate some more broccoli, probably the last of it.  The pumpkins look good.  The zucchini plants are growing, but no zucchini just yet.  I'm hoping soon.   And although I haven't gotten any more red tomatoes, I hope to eat these soon:

Lastly, do you remember how last year I decided I wouldn't try cantaloupes again this year?  Well, I changed my mind and planted just 2 hills of them.  Now, I've got these:
Isn't it beautiful?  I have at least 4 growing.  I'm hoping, but not saying much around them, because I don't want them to hear me and decide to die!  :)

In other news, Elijah and Malachi had a good first day of school yesterday.  Lydia's still potty training, and doing good most of the time (but of course, there are still accidents).  And now I'd better get to exercising and sewing. 

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  1. Oh! Poor Floppy. I will have a moment of silence for him and not tell the kiddos! Glad they're off to a great school year! We're next!