Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, Nathaniel wasn't able to fix my old camera, but he promptly bought me a new one.  He's been spoiling me lately.  So now I have pictures again!  Yesterday, all of my cantaloupes were green, but today:

I'm starting to get excited about those!  And the chickens have grown a lot, as you can see.
One of the Ameruacana.  We have 2 more that look a lot like this one, including Penguin, and we think all three of those are pullets! 

This is a barred rock, my favorite type.

The chickens are 7 weeks old this weekend.  It looks like more than half are pullets (will be hens). 

Lydia and I have been playing outside in the third, grassy yard with the chickens the past few mornings.  She likes to pick the morning glories.  When we're done, she "boos" the chickens back into the second yard, which is to say that she runs at them yelling "boo chickens!" until they are all in the second yard.  It doesn't take long.
This last picture is at my parents' house, where I had the kids posing in front of the "naked ladies" when the last camera died for good. 

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