Friday, August 5, 2011


Well, it's been a full week, which is good since it was the last full week of summer break.  Malachi's tooth is still loose.  He actually carried the bunny pillow that Karen made him around yesterday, just in case he lost the tooth and got to put it in the pocket.  (He named the bunny Juicy Fat.  Really.)  But the tooth's just not loose enough yet. 
The chicks keep growing:

And the pumpkins are turning more orange:

And I finally got red tomatoes from my garden.  There have been only 3 red ones, and they were tiny, but they were delicious!
Tomorrow the boys get to meet their teachers. 
This morning Lydia decided to wear panties.  And she did all day.  She did really well for a first try, even when we were not at home.  She started having problems this evening, so we went ahead and got her in her jammies with a diaper and plan on going for the underwear again in the morning.  The boys are praising her like crazy every time she goes potty, so that's nice.  She's so proud of her panties.  I hope tomorrow goes well. 

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