Monday, October 22, 2012


Well, we had a great weekend. But first, here is Lydia on her field trip Thursday:
Lydia enjoyed the pumpkin patch.

This was so funny.  The hole to look out is too high, but she really didn't care.  She kept getting behind the grim reaper and making scary "ooo" noises and saying, "I'm a Halloween!"
On Friday, we headed to the cabin.  We had a great weekend there, and we celebrated this little man's birthday:

We were short one kid, since one of my nieces is sick.  :(

These two were inseparable.

Elijah caught a bluegill.

My sister did the girls' hair.  Isn't it cute?

Elijah begged to include this picture.  He and Malachi loved climbing on the logs.  You can see some of the new cabin in the background.

Malachi had a great time: a birthday, cabin fun, new toys. 

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