Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Little Roosters

This morning was the first time I've heard any of the chicks try to crow.  It's funny.  At first, their voices don't quite have it.  It sounds a lot like a teenage boy's voice cracking, except in a rooster crow.  I'm confident that these two are roosters:
We call the one on the left Puff and the one on the right Foghorn (after Foghorn Leghorn, of course). 
I'm still not sure about this black one.  I'm thinking rooster, but not positive:
The other two, Crest and Angel, are definately hens.  Here is Angel in between the two roosters:
And here is another view of Puff:

They are all doing really well.  And so are the 4 older hens.  The old girls are offically over a year old now, as of late July, and so a really full-fledged hens, not just pullets.  I figure it will be about 6 weeks or so before the new hens start laying eggs, but our older ones are doing a great job.  We had 11 eggs over 3 days, which works out to almost an egg a day per hen.  Then they had a couple of slower days, with 5 eggs over 2 days.  I'm guessing we get just under 2 dozen eggs a week right now.

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