Monday, October 8, 2012

Dose of Cuteness and a Loss

How's this for a dose of cuteness?
My nieces came for the weekend, and the kids had a ball together.  We didn't take many pictures, but this one was pretty darn cute.  The girls loved the chickens and spent a lot of time chasing them and having Lydia pick them up.  They also named most if not all of the unnamed ones.  I'm not sure what all the names are, but they named the black and white chick "Angel", so I kept hearing, "Angel, come here!  Come here Angel!" but it wasn't for me.

We gave Malachi his birthday present early so he could get used to riding a bike with hand brakes before we take it camping next weekend.  He is so proud of his new bike.
 You can't tell from the picture, but he also lost his other front tooth this week, so there's a nice gap there.
Although we had a great time and no one wanted to see the girls leave, I'm glad they left when they did.  Just a couple of hours later, Nathaniel and the kids were playing in the backyard when the neighbor's dog jumped the fence and killed Fluffy.  The kids were right there.  I was inside.  I heard Malachi crying and at first thought he was hurt, until I recognized his grief wail.  There is nothing quite like Malachi's grief wail.  It doesn't happen often, but when he cries like that, you know his heart is just broken.  The last time I heard it was the last time chickens died, in July, but this time, he actually saw it happen.  I ran outside.  Nathaniel was trying to get the dog and yelling at the kids to go inside.  Lydia and Elijah were crying, too, but you couldn't hear them over Malachi's soul-wrenching wails.  I grabbed Lydia and took Malachi's hand and got them inside.  Elijah followed, and I dumped Lydia onto his lap for them to cuddle together while I rocked Malachi.    Eventually, we found out that one of the barred rocks was killed, too.  So after a great weekend, we had a very sober evening.      

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