Monday, March 4, 2013

Seed starting

It's March now, so I'm really starting to think about the garden.  Lydia and I planted some lettuce seeds about a month ago, and now they have started growing pretty well:

I plan on starting our broccoli and brussel sprouts this week, and tomatoes if I get to them.  If not, then next week.  I'm very lucky to have a sunroom that supplies bright sunshine to my little seedlings.  Lydia loves to help plant, so I'll probably do most of the planting when she's here and awake.  I also plan on planting some more lettuce in the play room, so we can start having fresh salads soon.  The above lettuce won't last long when it gets big enough to eat!

We also have some carrots in the playroom.  They look like a few may be close to ripe.  I'll have to let the kids pull one and see.  It's a bit of a guessing game with carrots, at least for me, but the kids do eat them up and love growing them.  So it's a fun guessing game.  They are sweeter and tastier than any carrot you can get in a store, so I love to eat them too, when we have enough.  (I let the kids have first dibs.)

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