Friday, March 1, 2013


Well, we had our last homestudy meeting yesterday.  Yay!  It went well, and now we are close to finishing the homestudy up.  We just have to get a few more pieces of paper in.  I'm sending off a lot of papers today (FBI checks, copies of health insurance card, etc).  I hope to get everything else in next week.  Then she'll be able to finish our homestudy report and send it into our placing agency. Then it will get translated and sent to the country's officials.  So we are definitely moving forward.

As part of the homestudy, she did talk to all the kids.  It was neat to see Elijah answer questions.  He got the most questions because he's the oldest and most likely to answer.  He was thoughtful and deliberate in his responses.  He really considers questions and gives insightful, truthful answers.  It was really neat to be able to hear his responses, and all three kids were excited and positive about adding a sibling.  Malachi even got to show off one of his Angry Birds drawings, and Lydia introduced her stuffed animal, so they were happy, too.

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