Thursday, March 21, 2013

Slowly but surely

Well, I planted seeds a while back, and now we have broccoli popping up:

Also, the lettuce is getting bigger:

Plus we planted another pot of lettuce, so we can get it in waves.   The tomatoes haven't sprouted yet, but I'm really not surprised since they take about 2 weeks anyway, and it's been really cold lately.  I have a few tiny basil seedlings in the house, and the carrots are still growing in the playroom.  I hope some of them are large enough to eat again soon; they are really so tasty.

In other food-growing news, we plan to plant a couple of fruit trees soon.  I've wanted to since we moved in, but figuring out where to put them is a bit of a challenge since we already have so many trees and don't want to cut any down.  We've lost several due to storms and bugs in the four years we've been here, though, and I think I've figured out 3 spots we could plant trees.  I need to show them to Nathaniel and see what he thinks.    I don't want to put any where they would shade the garden area, and there aren't a lot of sunny spots around.

Oh, and remember how I planted all those strawberries two years ago?  Last spring, they didn't do well, but I had hopes.....that have been dashed.  The squirrels have spent the winter digging up the strawberry plants rather methodically.  I guess they enjoy the roots.  That was a big disappointment to me, as I love fresh strawberries and strawberry jam.  And strawberry pie, and strawberry shortcake and strawberry rhubarb cobbler....

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