Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book Review - Made to Last by Melissa Tagg

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I've managed to read quite a bit lately, and the latest book I've enjoyed is Made to Last by Melissa Tagg.  Unlike many of my choices, this one is a present-day romance.  Miranda is the star of a home improvement show, but to keep her show, she must continue to lie about being married.  She even gets a fake husband for press photos!  Meanwhile, the reporter sent to blog about her life is asking many questions, and stealing Miranda's heart in the process.  She's very conflicted with the lies she's telling.  And she can't try to date the man she'd like to because she's supposed to be married.

The characters in this book are detailed and realistic.  Miranda wants to have a relationship with God but knows her lies are keeping her distant.  She only wanders into church when she expects no one to be there.  Matthew, the reporter, has a past he's not proud of, and he really wants to get back into serious journalism to revamp his career.  While Miranda defines herself by the success of her tv show, Matthew identifies only with his past failures.

This book allows for growth of the main characters in a realistic way.  I also enjoyed many of the secondary characters, especially Miranda's fake husband Blaze and Matthew's niece Cee.  I think the author could easily write a story on Blaze in the future (hint, hint!).  And although this book is a romance, it deals extensively with issues of rejection, acceptance, forgiveness, and grace.  I really enjoyed this book and recommend it.

I received a copy of Made to Last from publisher Bethany House for the purpose of writing a review, but the opinions are my own.

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