Thursday, September 12, 2013

In the Garden...

Right now we have several small cucumbers growing.  The kids will be thrilled when we eat those!

And look how pretty the peas are:

We have several flowers, so the pods should appear shortly.
The pumpkins are ripening nicely.  We are finally getting some good tomatoes.  I put crushed egg shells around the garden, and the slug problem has decreased significantly.  I made and canned a batch of salsa yesterday from a recipe from the Ball home canning book.  I don't actually have this book, but I found the recipe, and it's really good.  Malachi announced that it is the best red salsa I make.  (He is very fond of the green tomatillo salsa!)

The chickens are doing well.  All of the hens appear to be laying.  We have 7 barred rocks, 8 red sex link, 1 Crest and 1 rooster.  Crest is probably part leghorn, part something else.  Anyway, they are doing well and giving us 11 or 12 eggs a day now.  Nathaniel did cull the extra rooster last weekend, so things have settled down without the roosters competing.  I'll have to get some pictures of the chickens soon; I know it's been a while.

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