Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sap Update

I thought I'd give a little sap update.  We currently have 5 gallons of sap from 4 maple trees.  That fifth one never did produce any; maybe the tap wasn't in far enough or something.  We had planned on boiling the sap today, but it's raining, so we are keeping it stored in the 5-gallon bucket (food safe) in the garage for now.  Maybe we'll get to boil soon.

We did go to the Maple Syrup Festival yesterday, and that was a lot of fun.  My in-laws came down for a couple of days, so we all went there to enjoy the sunny, warmer weather.  We also bought some maple syrup, because we know we're not going to produce all that much this year!  Nathaniel and his dad even got to go golfing yesterday afternoon, which is a rarity in February.  Then Nathaniel and I enjoyed a quick date night at a new restaurant.  It was really good.

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