Monday, February 9, 2015

Exploring the Great Outdoors

It was so nice this weekend that I was able to get Gyunay outdoors to explore.  We quickly found that the backyard was too uneven and muddy for him to walk well, so we headed out front.  He loved walking around the concrete pad.  Lydia was playing with the stroller.  I asked if she wanted to push her brother around for a few minutes.  She was ecstatic.  "I'm a REAL big sister!"


I don't think Gyunay was thrilled to be in the stroller, but he didn't fuss.  I let her push him around for about 10 minutes, then freed him.  He was happy to walk around in big circles on the concrete.

He's really fond of the big kids.  Here he is climbing over to hold Lydia's hand. 

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