Sunday, February 1, 2015

Figuring it all out

We've been home for just a few days, so we are still figuring it all out.  Gyunay went from crying panic when we took off his shoes, to taking them off himself and running barefoot through the house.  We figured out pretty quickly that the only time his shoes were off in the orphanage was when it was nap time or bedtime.  He's starting to realize that we are barefoot people, and that it's ok.
He was also very afraid of tooth brushing, which we think was a new thing for him, but he now lets us brush his teeth without fussing.  He doesn't spit yet, but hey, it's progress.  It only took 5 years to get Lydia to brush her teeth without fussing.
He looks for us, and calls out for "Dada" when he leaves the room.  He will also call for me if I'm out of the room now.  He babbles a lot, mostly "bababa" but sometimes "nanana".  He's a very happy boy, generally. 
He still is scared of wet wipes and washrags, but today at lunch he held out his hand for me to wipe it off, and for the first time we ended a meal without tears. 
The real terror that will probably take a while to overcome is the bath.  Sheer panic.  We're going to try and give him a bath in the kitchen sink tonight.  It may not help, but it's worth a try.

Our hearts overflow.

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