Friday, February 13, 2015

On Food

Food issues are very common with kids from "hard places" like orphanages.   Some of the advice from experts includes that only mom and dad give food to the new child for a long period of time, perhaps even six months.  Another is to try to give food whenever they ask for it.  This can sometimes be problematic, such as if a child makes himself sick from overeating.  As for us, our food issues have been fairly mild, but it is obvious that they are there.

Gyunay is doing very well.  At first, he would eat anything and everything in front of him, and he asked to eat at least once an hour, every hour, all day, and often even if he had just ate.  We had a few instances of overeating, but we seem to be doing much better with that now.  He still eats often, but not as often, and I just serve small portions.  One good point, though, is that he is starting to show preferences.  Now, most parents would not be thrilled that their son handed back his bowl of broccoli, but we were because it means that he feels comfortable enough to know that if he doesn't want that food, more food really is available for him.  He seems to trust that we will feed him, which although it seems obvious to us, it wasn't obvious to him at first.
So, what does he eat?  So far, he seems to like:
eggs: fried, hardboiled, or scrambled
fruit: strawberries, bananas, oranges, apples
any flavor applesauce
yogurt: plain, vanilla, mixed with blueberries or applesauce
cooked, pureed pumpkin (not even sweetened!)
cheesy grits
soup: vegetable, split pea and barley, chili
noodle medley
crackers, bread, rolls (with butter), cornbread
green beans
muffins: pumpkin and orange coconut
cheese: cheddar, Bulgarian, Colby jack, mozzarella
cooked carrots and onions
What he doesn't like: broccoli, chocolate pudding, peas (although he will eat one or two peas, so maybe he'll acquire the taste)

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