Thursday, December 17, 2015

Garden Planning

Now, I know it's nearly Christmas, and I have a thousand things to do and all, but I can't help gardening planning and dreaming in my spare minutes.  Maybe it's this incredibly warm and spring-like weather, but I've been really garden-focused lately.  I do have some plants still going, such as carrots and herbs in pots in the sunroom and even some carrots growing outside.  I also have sprouted some plants that I'm going to try to harvest this winter from pots in the sunroom:
These are my Tom Thumb peas.  They look great!

And below is the start of kholrabi:  

I've never grown kholrabi before, but I really like to eat it, so here's hoping.  I also have a pot of lettuce going.  I'm thinking of starting some other things, too, since the weather has been so outrageously warm.  First, I'll have to harvest one of the pots of carrots, which we'll probably do this weekend.  Lydia loves pulling, scrubbing, and eating carrots, and the boys also eat them, so that is always a good thing.  Right now, I think the carrots that are ripe are pale yellow ones, although there could be a surprise orange or purple one in that pot, too.

Outside, I've spread some bunny manure on the garden.  I also laid an old swimming pool that doesn't hold air anymore on a section of grass that will be garden in the spring.  I'm hoping it kills the grass for me.  Grass is really my number one weed in the gardens.  Other "weeds" like dandelion, clover, and plantain, I usually let grow until they are crowding the veggies, then I pull them and feel them to the bunny and chickens.  It works out really well, actually.

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