Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Sunday night, a visitor showed up at our back door.  It was after the younger 3 were in bed, so I hoped it would come back in the morning.  It did, and Lydia and Gyunay were ecstatic.  
The cat is constantly trying to get into our house, but we've been able to keep her out so far.  Lydia has named her Midnight.

Midnight is friendly, but still a cat, so she nipped at Lydia when Lydia got too friendly.  Lydia is now unsure about the cat, although she still wants her around.  Gyunay sits inside and stares at the cat outside the window chanting "cat! cat!".  Malachi is worried about his sister and the chickens, not necessarily in that order, so he's not crazy about the cat right now.  Midnight especially likes Elijah.  She rubs all over his legs when he goes outside, and she purrs like a motorboat.  

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