Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More Family Pictures & etc

I don't think I ever mentioned that our latest post adoption report went really smoothly.  They are not a big deal, actually.  And I did manage to round up 10 family photos for Bulgaria.  Here are some we took with the automatic timer on the camera:

In other news, Midnight the cat is still here.  We went out of town for 3 days for Nathaniel's grandmother's funeral, and she was not here when we got back, but she showed back up yesterday morning.  She doesn't actually eat the food we left out for her, so she doesn't stick around for that.  Mostly, she just really wants attention.  Whenever we go outside, she rubs against our legs and purrs.  I've gotten rather fond of her.  Katie's still not sure about the cat (the cat did hiss at her a few times, and Katie got scared), but they seem to be coexisting fine now.  So it looks like we sort of have an outdoor cat.

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