Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow Day

Here we are on our second snow day of the year.  (The first was last week.)  This snow is powdery, so it's good for sledding but not snowballs or snowmen.
Nathaniel brought home 2 new sleds yesterday, so now we have 4.

That's Elijah running up the hill to the right.  He didn't want his picture taken today.

Lydia even helped me shovel snow for a while.  Here she is in her "snow blanket".
It's only 19 degrees, so I only had Gyunay outside for half an hour.  Lydia came in 10 minutes later.  The big boys lasted a while longer, mainly because I told them that they could "skate" on the small pond only when Gyunay was in the house.  They seemed to enjoy that.

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