Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Now, I have mentioned before that Lydia loves fabric (, but I should probably admit that she gets it from me.  My sewing area is in my bedroom, and for months it has been a fabric explosion.  Mamaw gave me some cash for Christmas, and I went to this cute little resale shop that we like and bought a shelf for my fabric.
Of course, this is just the regular cotton fabric.  My flannels and knits are in the two tubs to the right in the picture below. 

It's amazing how much bigger my room looks.  Nathaniel jokes about being able to actually see the wood floors we spent so much time installing.  There's still miscellaneous fabric on the sewing desk (left of machine) because I've always got several projects going at once, but it's really nice to have the fabric organized.  And I now have my thread organized, too!  (Rack on wall - thanks Mom and Dad!)  

And did you notice the little white frame on the new shelf?  Years ago, my aunt Karen sent me a card that I loved.  I've saved it and planned to frame it for all these years, and yesterday, I finally did it.  
The photo isn't great, but you get the gist.  I absolutely love this, and it is so me.  It makes me smile.

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