Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fabric and Bacon

These two crack me up often.  They have always been very close, despite the age difference.  It is fun to overhear their conversations.  This morning, Lydia had been prattling on to me about everything under the sun:
Malachi: "Why does she keep talking?  She just talks and talks."
Lydia: "Do you know what I really love?  Fabric.  It's so useful for so many things.  And sheep and cows.  Sheep for the wool, and cows for the milk.  Oh - and pigs!  Pigs for the bacon."
Malachi: "Pigs are pretty high up on my list."
Lydia: "For the bacon."
Malachi: "Yeah, cause who doesn't love bacon?"
Lydia: "Actually, last year there were kids in my class that didn't like bacon!  They were weird."
Malachi: "Yeah, that's weird.  How can you not like bacon?"
So, around here, we really love pigs (for the bacon).  And, apparently, fabric.


  1. Best conversation ever! I can so hear their little voices having this conversation. Love them!!

  2. Yeah, it's best to just listen to the two of them. They have the funniest conversations!