Saturday, September 19, 2015


Although we haven't had enough regular tomatoes to can salsa, we've been blessed with lots of tomatillos this year.  In fact, we've had more than I've ever been able to grow before, so today I decided to make a double batch of tomatillo salsa to can.  Lydia was excited to help me, especially since I let her use the big knife.  She was so proud!
After she cut up the tomatillos, I asked her if she wanted to keep helping.  She replied, "Yes!  I love chef-ing!"  We spent most of Gyunay's nap time preparing the salsa, and she was very happy to help the whole time.  It's been a while since she wanted to stick with cooking the whole time with me.  It helped that I needed lots of chopping; currently, chopping is her favorite part!

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