Sunday, September 6, 2015

When a Knife Just Can't Cut It....

I got this cushaw from the farmer's market for $3.  It was too hard to cut with my trusty kitchen knife, so I resorted to the ax.  Don't worry; I washed it first.  This beautiful melon gave me about 16 cups of puree.  I used some in my pumpkin muffins recipe, and some more in pumpkin cinnamon crescent rolls (divine!).  I've heard that cushaw tastes like pumpkin but better, and I can see why.  It's a really smooth and lovely puree.  I'm happy to have lots more in the freezer for future projects, plus Gyunay likes to eat it warm with a bit of cinnamon on top.
Speaking of Gyunay, did you notice him in his chair in the background?  Yeah, he's completely unfazed by his mama's ax-wielding craziness.

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