Monday, February 15, 2016

Another Snow Day

These two looked really cute for church on Valentine's Day.  I'm sure my family will recognize Lydia's dress; it was mine.  Gyunay is wearing the newest shirt I made him, but with a black undershirt because Sunday was so cold.

Today, however, was much warmer.  We played outside for an hour this morning.

It was around 34 degrees, so it felt great, and the snow was very easy to work with.

The finished "snow creature".  This is by far the biggest snowman we've ever made.  Elijah did a lot of it himself, with help from me and Malachi.  Lydia supplied the stick arms, and Gyunay tried to pat extra snow around the bottom at the end.   He and Lydia had been too busy playing in the snow to actually try to help make the snowman, but they came over for the end.  Plus, I wanted all 4 in the picture!

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