Sunday, February 7, 2016

Culling and Tapping

Saturday was a very busy day around here.  First of all, Nathaniel and Malachi spent the morning at the Pinewood Derby while the rest of us worked around the house.  Then, after lunch, Nathaniel culled the 2 biggest roosters.  Yes, this is my daughter holding a chicken's heart:
She wants me to fry the hearts up for her.  Malachi claims he might try one, too.

Luckily, the Pampered Chef kitchen shears are tougher than the previous ones we've tried, and Nathaniel was able to get the chickens cut up quickly.  They are now "resting" in the fridge, and Elijah's already requesting chicken on the beach (a staple at Mexican restaurants - chicken with cheese sauce).  I think I can accommodate him.

Next up was tree tapping.  Gyunay was awake from nap by this point, and he enjoyed "helping" tap 5 maple trees.  We may get more taps and tap a couple more.

Then the kids had a great time chasing the chickens around.  You know, since they weren't traumatized enough already that we had taken (and killed) two of them.  :)

This cockerel is the one Lydia named "Cookies and Cream" as a chick.  He's super scared of everyone, so Malachi was proud that he was able to catch him on his own.  He may get to live longer than the rest, since he's very passive, and the kids are hoping that we will have a hen that gets broody.  We have 2 other cockerels that will eventually get eaten as well, but probably not before mid-March.  These cockerels are about a month younger than the 2 we just harvested. 

Oh, and it appears that our older pullet has started laying eggs.  We've been getting eggs nearly every day, including 2 in one day, so it isn't just the older hen.  (The old hen has gotten a stay of execution, though, since she is laying at least some.)  This pullet that is laying is about a month older than the others, so hopefully by mid-March we will have them all laying.

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