Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Little Johnny Appleseed

The first grade has been studying famous American contributors, and each child had to pick someone to learn about and portray.  Lydia picked Johnny Appleseed, and she was thrilled when I let her bring a real pot to wear on her head for the class "wax museum".  Gyunay wasn't sure what was going on, but he enjoyed visiting Lydia at her school.  I asked Lydia why she picked Johnny Appleseed, and she said, "Because I like apples, and he planted lots of apple trees.  And he ate nuts and berries because he loved wild animals and didn't want to kill them, and I love wild animals."  I did point out that she eats animals, though, and she replied, "Well, yeah, cause they taste good!"  That's pretty authentically Lydia; she adores animals, but she has no qualms about watching her daddy cull chickens and then eating them.

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