Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The newest garden

The yard is beautiful right now.  There are several tulips in bloom, mostly red and orange, but also a few yellow.   There are dandelions and violets all over, too.  I know most people consider those weeds, but I love them, and I really wouldn't ever want to have a yard without them.

Here is one of two grape plants I planted.  I'm hoping they do ok; they are in only partial sun.

And this is the new garden.  I know it's probably not very exciting to you, but to me this is a beautiful sight!  All of the holes in the concrete blocks now have seeds planted in them, mostly peas but also lettuce, arugula, carrots, swiss chard, sweet mace, spinach, etc.  The trench looking part on the left is where the potato plants will grow.  Near the fence (where one raspberry plant is on this side), there will be cucumbers, although it's way too early to plant those for quite some time.  Gyunay helped me fill the concrete blocks with dirt and plant the seeds.  He likes helping, at least in small doses.  Nathaniel helped me fill the main part of the bed from the dirt/compost mix we bought and had delivered.  Things are looking good for the garden this year.  

And, in totally unrelated but very exciting news, Gyunay said 9 out of 10 vowel/consonant combo words correctly at speech today!  He said "oat, on, up, eye, ouch, ant, out, eat, and in" correctly, and he just missed the "m" in "arm".  This is great progress.  He's trying to talk all the time, and has more approximations than he did just a few weeks ago.

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