Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Malachi: Chicken Guardian

Our 6 new chicks are doing just fine in their temporary garage home.  They get picked up by the kids daily, and they are feathering out quite nicely.  Malachi, though, still lives in a state of perpetual alert when it comes to our chickens.  If the garage door is open, he is out there.  He is terrified that some creature will come into the garage and kill his beloved chickens.  So, on a beautiful sunny day like Monday, the garage door was open for the kids to play in the driveway with bikes, scooters, etc.  Malachi set up shop in the doorway, guarding those chicks himself despite the fact that Lydia, Gyunay, and I were just outside the garage and would surely notice if any animal tried to enter and bring harm.  (Not to mention that the racket we were making would surely be a good deterrent!)  When we pull into the garage, he is quick to shut the door as soon as possible.  He also worries about the "big" chickens in the coop, and he makes very clear who will put them up at night if he is going to be away from home near sunset.  The chickens really don't appreciate what a good guardian they have.

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