Monday, June 20, 2016

Epic Water Balloon Fight

The kids love water balloons, so Nathaniel bought some of those new ones where you can fill up around 35 at a time, and they are tied by just pulling the green part off.  So it's a huge time-saver and finger-saver.  Anyway, he and the kids had an epic water balloon fight this weekend.
Luckily, we have 2 outdoor water spigots, so the kids were filling balloons at one (their "secret base"), and Nathaniel was filling them at the other.  Gyunay mostly just wandered in between holding a balloon and saying "Balloon.  Gyunay balloon". 

He did like it when Nathaniel threw water balloons at the concrete in front of him, so that it splashed up on him.  He's also very proud of his goggles, probably because Malachi always wears tinted goggles in the water due to his tendency to get migraines.  Gyunay, however, also wears them for water balloon fights.

We finally had the science experiment the kids did at school once two years ago and have been asking to do at home: sticking some mentos in a coke bottle and watching it bubble/explode all over.

It was a big hit.  This picture was taken pre-haircuts, so the big boys' hair is considerably shorter now.  

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