Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Library and Lake

I went to the library alone for a few minutes today.  Nathaniel had the little ones, and I went just a bit before it was time to pick up the big ones from their Harry Potter program.  I intended to look for a book on growing vegetables, and a novel from the new shelf.  Well, the novel I intended to get, The Taxidermist's Daughter, was checked out, so I found a few other things to read, although none of them are novels.  Now, let's be honest, I will not get all of these books read before they are due.  But it shows you how crazy I can go in a library in less than 15 minutes, and how wide-ranging the titles I read really are.  I'm also currently reading one of the two books I need to review this month.  

We had a great time this past weekend with my family at Land Between the Lakes.  This friendly piggie really wanted us to pet him.  Lydia commented that if she had a pig, she would name him Bacon and would eat him.  That's my girl.

The boys loved their first attempt at tubing.  Lydia even went tubing, which was a surprise.  They had a great time on the lake.  Gyunay is the only one who's not too excited about going on a boat ride, but he does love sitting in the boat when it's not moving.

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