Monday, June 12, 2017

Busy week

We had a really busy week last week.  We were able to attend a Colonial Fair at our local history center, where the kids got to play dulcimers.  Gyunay really enjoyed it, and it actually sounded really good.

Malachi is always ready to try out an instrument.
The kids really enjoyed the magician.  He entertained them for quite a while.

Then we had 2 mini-trips visiting family and friends.  I'm pretty tired after all that, and I have tons of laundry to do, but I've been busy around the yard today.  I planted this white nectarine tree in the old pyramid by the clothes lines.  I grew it from seed, and it's actually only a few months old, but it's nearly 3 feet tall now.  I hope it thrives here.  One of the reasons I was able to plant it in this spot, is because of the trees you see down in the background.  We've had several trees die (emerald ash borer?), and Nathaniel has been busy taking them down and cutting them up for fire wood.  We bought a new garden cart for the kids to help with hauling the logs to our firewood stacks.  Lydia was sad that we were replacing the old red wagon, which she says is her pet donkey named "Goatie," but I assured her that she can still use the wagon if she wants, and now Goatie has a friend.  So she named the garden cart, too, and she has elaborate stories about her friendly animal helpers as she works.

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