Sunday, June 18, 2017

Garden Tour

The garden is really growing now, so I thought I'd take you on a little tour.  I took pictures of most of the gardens, but not the pots on the front or back decks, the potatoes, or the veggies and herbs out front mixed into the flower beds.  Let's start with the original garden.  Here is the sadly small cabbage:
And below is a cauliflower, which still has not formed a head.  The broccoli looks the same.

This is the cilantro.  It's very prettily flowering right now, which is good.  It will go to seed, and reseed the bed, and hopefully I will have fresh cilantro ready when the tomatoes are ripe.

The tomatoes are growing.  As you can see from each side of the garden, they are big, healthy plants on one end and much smaller on the other.  The trees have grown so much in the past year that the end is shaded part of the day, and the tomatoes really don't like it.

Below is the kids' square foot garden.  Most of the plants are quite small, partially due to the fact that some of them waited to plant.  Lydia's zucchini is flowering, though, and the beans are growing well.

And my square garden next:

I've already replanted a few squares, because we harvested all of the radishes out of it.  Also, I just harvested a bunch of swiss chard from the front right box, so it was actually fuller.  In the back left, the Edmonson cucumbers are doing very well, and on the back right are sweet peas that are very tasty.  I've also got carrots, beets, peppers, and kholrabi doing well.

This is a beautiful butternut squash:

It is situated to the right of this bed.  You can just see the edge of the trellis here:
Sadly, the chipmunks ate most of the corn, so we only have a few plants.  There are beans, blue pumpkins, zucchini, and cantaloupes in there, too.  In the concrete blocks, there are some herbs and green onions.  I harvested 7 of the green onions yesterday, though.

Now, on to the hugelkultur.  This is the smaller bed, which actually isn't hugelkultur, since it's just dirt, but anyways, it looks good with mostly purple sweet potato plants, a few beans, a cantaloupe, and that tall sunflower growing in the center.

The main hugelkultur bed now has stakes around it due to a deer attack.  You can see the big arugula patch on the left.  I've already harvested 3 cups of it this week.  There are Cinderella pumpkins, Sugar baby watermelons, Calypso beans, a few peas, a cherry tomato or two, sunflowers, onions, and a Russian pickling cucumber here as well.  

And lastly, Malachi finally got his banana tree!

He's so excited about it.  I hope we can keep it alive.

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