Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June Harvest Totals

The garden is healthy, but it's taking much longer than anticipated to get the crops ripe.  I thought that with the early spring and starting seeds earlier, we'd be harvesting earlier, but I didn't account for the increased shade in the yard this year.  The trees have really grown, and shaded parts of nearly all of the gardens.  And although my tomato plants are loaded, none are ripe by the 4th of July (always the goal Papaw set, and I stick to that goal).  Still we did start harvesting some veggies and a few fruits, so here's the list:

galen - 1c
turnips - 12
pea pods - 3 3/4 cups  (Delicious!  These all got eaten quickly.)
radishes - 20
garlic scapes - 8
kale - 2 bunches
raspberries - 1/2 c
arugula - 4c
garlic bulbs - 28 (would have been more, but a tree branch fell on the crop and took out several)
dragon carrots - 10
green onions - 8
swiss chard - 1bunch
blackberries - 3 1/4 c
cucumber (white Edmondson) - 1
Herbs - mint, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, some basil

Also, we lost 2 chickens this month to raccoon attacks, so we now only have 7 hens.  Still, we had 205 eggs this month.
This head of broccoli looks good, but none of the other 5 plants has a head at all yet.  Neither does the cauliflower.

The butternut squash is looking good.

And it looks like we will have some corn!

Gyunay loves his new lawnmower.  He also loves telling everyone that he is 5 now!  

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