Monday, July 17, 2017

Peach Picking Time

We had our annual peach and white nectarine picking session this weekend.  We ended up with a bit over a hundred pounds of peaches and white nectarines!  I've been busy peeling, dicing, and canning.  We also picked up 20 pounds of apples for applesauce while we were there, and Lydia has been a huge help in using the corer/peeler/slicer to prep those for me.

Elijah wanted a picture with his hat full of fruit, and it turned out quite well.  

Lydia scored some free sunglasses that morning at our county day parade, and Gyunay looks so cute in the fishing hat.

Speaking of fishing, Nathaniel took those who wanted to go on a canoe ride/fishing trip yesterday afternoon while I was peeling nectarines.

They had a lot of fun, although no fish were caught.  Nathaniel wanted to enjoy some time on the water, and then relax at home.  We've had lots of visitors lately, both this week and last week from Thursday through Saturday, and before that he was in China, so he was due for a day to just relax.  

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