Friday, May 11, 2012

Around the yard

We have several things growing around here now.  Check out the chicks:

They are fun to watch.  The five of them keep close together, usually away from the rest of the flock.  (Unless there's food being handed out!) 
Also, we have lots of seeds sprouting.  On the front porch, I have 5 pots.  These three have red carrots, marigolds, and rainbow carrots:

In the ground, some of the pumpkin and cucumber seeds have already sprouted.  Most of the tomato seedlings are looking good, but a few did wash away.  The broccoli is doing ok, I think, but the brussel sprouts didn't make it.  I think I'll just try more of them in the fall.  They like cooler weather, and this spring has been hot. 

We are going camping tomorrow, so I hope the weather is like today.  It's just gorgeous today.  As soon as Lydia gets up, we'll be outside!

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