Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today I spent a lot of time planting.  I got a later start on my seedlings this year, since I had some failures and then the trip to Rome (!) in March.  So I'm just now putting some seeds in the ground and transplanting the few seedlings I did grow.  Today in the big garden I planted seeds for butternut squash, cucumbers, at least 3 types of pumpkin, and corn.  I also (with Lydia's help) transplanted the broccoli seedlings.  Tomorrow I hope to transplant the brussel sprouts and plant a few more pumpkin seeds as well as some cantaloupe in the big garden. 

In the small garden, I need to finish transplanting the tomatoes.  We already put in 2 1/2 rows, but there are more.  Also, I need to start some peppers from seed (I have 2 plants in the ground but want more) and I need to find a place for purple carrots.  We have atomic red carrots, yellow carrots, and rainbow blend carrots in pots on the front porch beside the marigolds, calendula, and arrugula.  But Lydia and Malachi really want to plant the purple carrots asap, so I need to find or buy a pot for those, too.  I put all the carrots in pots in either the playroom or the front porch because last year the squirrels dug up all the carrots in the back.  I've never seen a squirrel on the front porch, so I'm hoping it's a good spot.

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